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22nd - 24th September 2017

SI Eventing Development Camp

Well what a long week that was!!
The SI Eventing Development Camp proved to be another fantastic success.. though starting out in very wet conditions, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time soaking up as much information as they could.
Some of the top instructors in the country saw themselves being based at CHCH NEC for 3 long days of intense coac.......

12th September 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons​

Swapped the horses around yesterday for a late afternoon lesson with Andrew Scott.
Both Dunrobin Winchester and Reason To Believe were jumping out of their skin!

They both showed great improvements and were feeling amazing :D

Thank you once again Andrew'Louise Scott for making the trip down. The horses always love their lessons and it certainly showed in By Hoki and Dunrobin Gancanagh's recent success

9th & 10th September 2017

Eventing Canterbury 2 Day Event

A long weekend done and dusted for the first event of the season held at NEC Christchurch, and I couldn't be happier with the two boys! :D
Though being in a difficult position of riding 1st and 2nd up in their classes/dressage and certainly feeling the excitement of being out again, both horses showed great improvement.
We were lucky that the beautiful weather held out long enough to get the horses on the truck and back in their paddocks.. some were not so lucky and got a bit of a drenching!

By Hoki produ........


3rd August 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons

The horses were feeling rather fresh and happy to be back out jumping after the rather horrid weather which stunted any progress!
By Hoki and Dunrobin Gancanagh gave some feelings over the fences, jumping with ease.

Reason To Believe had his first outing and first time jumping anything of a larger size.

I couldn't have asked for anything more of him! he didn't put a foot wrong and gave everything a good go, showing us what more is to be seen in the future. Very exciting!

Thank you once again Andrew and Louise Scott for taking the time to share you wisdom.

18th June 2017

NLEC Winter Dressage Series Final

It was fantastic to get the big boy, Dunrobin Gancanagh back out competing at the recent NLEC Winter Dressage Final!

He has been recovering from his injury that he sustained back at the start of March when he caught...........

17th May 2017

Jubilee Makin Magic Sold

Little Max has sold to the most wonderful home all the way up in windy Wellington.
A very exciting partnership. I can't wait to see what they will be getting up to over the coming years!

A gorgeous boy with plenty of potential.
I will promise to keep everyone updated.

11th May 2017

Dunrobin Phynix Update

Dunrobin Phynix was another to find his perfect home.

Phynix was such a gentleman from day one, always loving the attention.. so much so that on day one of his starting just 20mins in, he was off hacking by himself down and around the river!
One of the coolest dudes and lucky to have found such a wonderful family.. even got snuck into the wedding photos!

7th May 2017

Dunrobin Sierra Saffron Sold

A very sad day but very exciting at the same time.
Less than 24hrs Dunrobin Sierra Saffron sold to the most wonderful home where she will be loved by an entire family.
She is sure to get all the attention she could possibly ever dream of!
Can't wait to see her taking her new rider through the grades.. and the rest of the family too!!

Can't believe how far this sweet mare has come.
From that long legged, curious foal who always seemed to be getting into things she shouldn't.. to the stunning, kind and talented mare today.
She has been such a pleasure to work with right from birth, and I know there will be many more exciting adventures in the future for her.
Watch this space!!

6th May 2017

Dunrobin Ricochet Update

It's always fantastic to receive updates from the horses I have sold, especially from the ones we bred.
Dunrobin Ricochet has certainly landed on his feet where he is greatly loved by all.. looks like he's picked up a feline friend too!
I'm sure we will be seeing this combination out and about soon, they have already made such a great partnership.

5th May 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons

So excited for the young horses on my team coming through.. a few more are still to show their faces..

Another fantastic lesson with Andrew'Louise Scott has this mare truly starting to show glimpses of what might be in the future.
Sadie.. she still needs a show name!?.. just a few short months off the track is really loving the change to a sport horse life.
She still needs to fill out and build strength as only a 4yrs, but I think this one is going to be pretty flash!


Video Footage:

Dunrobin Winchester

Dunrobin Sadie

14th - 16th April 2017

South Island National 3 Day Event 

Well what a weekend that was!
There was total commitment shown from all having to hold their own through the rather wet weather from the cyclone!
Dressage arenas quickly became swimming pools and yards non existent.. And I found out that none of my jackets are actually waterproof..........

9th April 2017

Officially welcoming Sadie to the team

Whoops.. Does down sizing mean more horses..??

Officially welcoming Sadie to the team.
She was a total star in her lesson today. Her first outing and proper jump school and she took it like a champ!
Can't wait to see what the future holds for this cutey

8th April 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons​

Look who who has jumped back into the mix.. no pun intended!
Dunrobin Wincester has been on the back burner for far too long, with having so many horses in work mine seem to keep getting left out..
He was thrilled to get back out there, jumping fantastically in his lesson today.

Thanks once again Andrew'Louise Scott for continuing to make the trip down to sort us main landers out.

Video Footage:

28th March 2017


Well the bad luck just keeps coming. Think iv well and truly passed the 3!
Just crossing fingers it is only the wheel/rim itself that has taken the worst of the hit.
Lucky for the driver of the vehicle who pulled out, I was able to swerve to avoid a complete broadside collision.
Poor By Hoki has put up with a lot over the years, thank god he is a complete saint and has taken it all in his stride!!.. Just hoping all the good work fixing him after his last float accident hasn't come undone.

24th March 2017

SJ Canterbury Championships

First day done and dusted of the SJ Canterbury Championships and couldn't have gone much better!

By Hoki jumped a fantastic double clear, one of only 4 to do so.
He held the lead with his quick jump off right until the 2nd to last rider where he was just pipped at the post.
He truly is happy to be back out there!

Hopefully the weather holds off for a little longer...

19th March 2017

NEC Eventing Canterbury Horse Trials

What a great run this past weekend was at Eventing Canterbury Horse Trail held at NEC Christchurch!
The grounds were fantastic and the weather near perfect, what more could you ask for??

Was a little odd.........

10th March 2017

Travelling back to the Main Land

Well what was meant to be an exciting and promising trip north turned into an unexpectedly eventful one..
None the less we are finally back in the mainland.. The land of road works.. after being stuck once again with bad weather (thought we were going to be stuck for a week like last time!!) ........

9th March 2017

BUA Saddle

Wow the moment has finally come to give my BUA Saddle a test ride!
A quick ride on one of the horses saw them happier than ever with the new style.

I have tried multiple saddles on my horses and have had them checked/refitted every 6-8 weeks, however I have been struggling to get that ever elusive perfect fit which has resulted in slight niggling or tight backs.

Just from ride one in the BUA saddle leaves me feeling excited as I can already feel the horse moving out more freely and happier!

8th March 2017

Horse of The Year

Make sure you go visit Equimania's stall at HOY!!
Lots of awesome products, and some not seen anywhere else in NZ!! 
Also on display is the acclaimed BUA saddle.
A saddle like no other which needs to be seen

4th March 2017

Dunrobin Gancanagh Out!

Well unfortunately the trip North to HOY has come to a sudden stop.
Having made it safely all the way to the North Island upon turning the horses out to pasture for a much needed rest, Dunrobin Gancanagh kicked out at the flies (still grumpy at being on a truck for the morning).........

3rd March 2017

North Bound!

Well after quite a few busy days, blood sweat and tears we are finally off!!
With a long, slow trip ahead, we will all be mighty happy to reach our destination!!

Was quite sad to see another stretch of bush devastated by fire just before the Lewis Pass.
It has definitely been hot and dry in all parts of Canterbury.. Moving into the 4th year of drought is not going to be fun.

Planning to settle in Blenheim for the night to give the horses a much deserved break, then sail across the straight in the morning.. Crossing everything for calm weather.

17th February 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons

After a long week the horses had an easy day to polish up on a few things before making the long trip North to HOY.

Both Dunrobin Gancanagh and By Hoki Jumped super and answered all questions.

Video Footage:

Dunrobin Gancanagh

25th - 26th February 2017

NEC Eventing Canterbury 2 Day Horse Trials

Another brilliant day run by the fantastic team of Eventing Canterbury and all their volunteers.

It was another up and down weekend with more blue!
With this being both Dunrobin Gancanagh and By Hoki's first eventing start in almost a year, they were both in for a quiet and steady ride 
and I couldn't have been happier with what they produced.

Due to By Hoki still.........

19th February 2017

From Blue to Float Disaster!

NLEC Summer Dressage Series Day 2

So after a great day out at dressage on my return home, just a mere 2 minutes from home. I was tailgated by a Truck driver who insisted to travel far too close even when the speed limit was saying 60KM/H. This resulted in both horses to become unsettled and throw themselves around (take note these are fantastic travelers and have traveled the length of the country under all sorts of conditions) and this was on a bridge too which makes control and options very limited.

It is hard................

31st January 2017

A day for celebrations!

​And the day has finally come!!
Will take a while for the flexion to come back and certainly any ideas of ever becoming a hand model have gone out the window (not that my hands ever were normal shapes anyway)
I will still have to wear a cast whilst working outside but this is far sooner than I had started to think..
With getting my finger stuck in bales during hay carting, it being stood on more than once whilst trimming feet and the cast flying though the air multiple times during ridding (hunting for a small white thing in a paddock full of grass or XC course is quite difficult) I had started to think that an extension to the time was almost a certainty!!

31st January 2017

Twilight Eventing

Dunrobin Sierra Saffron completed her first Twilight Eventing competition, and with a double clear at that too!

She gave a great feeling around XC, jumping boldly around all questions asked and maintaining a steady relaxed rhythm throughout.. even put up with her rider learning the course as we came to the jumps.
She produced some great work in the dressage arena in amongst the flying sand. Just taking a moment or two to understand what she was being asked to do, then settling putting her best foot forwards.

Dunrobin Gancanagh having a quiet day however still coming away with a red ribbon.

Another fantastically run day held by Eventing Canterbury.

28th January 2017

St James Sales

Well my hands were kept firmly in my pockets today at the St James sales in Hamner.

Some lovely types of horses were out to be snapped up.. however the ones I had my eye on quickly sky rocketed over my budget, which I was doing my best to not budge on!
One even topping $10,000!!

22nd January 2017

Dunrobin Breeze Sold

Dunrobin Breeze has found her new home in the Coromandel.
She will be staying with me for a few more weeks until transport is available, Lucky me!

Going to miss this beautiful girl. Such a sweet mare to work with and the last Dunrobin bred youngstock (for now anyway)

Wish her all the best in her new home! 

15th January 2017

NLEC Summer Dressage Series Day 1

So the first dressage competition has been ticked off for 2017!
Day 1 of the North Loburn Equestrian Centre Summer Dressage Series was a fantastically run show with many strong combinations competing.
With 3 horses, 6 different tests to learn and a finger still in a cast.. finding a glove to fit was rather challenging.. I didn't make it easy for myself.......

6th January 2017

Andrew Scott Lessons

Another fantastic day of lessons with Andrew Scott.

Both horses jumped extremely well showing much improvement.

Getting quite excited for the start of the season!

Video Footage:

7th January 2017

Canterbury Rodeo Barrel Race

Decided to swap in my English gear, dust off the western saddle and polish my cowboy boots to have another crack at the Canterbury Rodeo!
Poor Dunrobin Amarillo believed he was still in hibernation therefore we didn't get our fastest time (actually had to encourage him to run!) however we were able to hold onto the fastest time in the section to come out with the win.
Very tempting to keep my boots out to finish off the season. Who doesn't love a day in the dirt!!

Video Footage:

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