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9th - 10th September  2017

Eventing Canterbury 2 Day Event

long weekend done and dusted for the first event of the season held at NEC Christchurch, and I couldn't be happier with the two boys! :D
Though being in a difficult position of riding 1st and 2nd up in their classes/dressage and certainly feeling the excitement of being out again, both horses showed great improvement.
We were lucky that the beautiful weather held out long enough to get the horses on the truck and back in their paddocks.. some were not so lucky and got a bit of a drenching!

By Hoki Produced a very good test in the 1*. Staying super relaxed and attentive, easily responding to each question asked.. I wasn't expecting him to be so relaxed so never ended up asking for more pizazz! However he finished the dressage to sit in 2nd and with an easy clear SJ.. he certainty wasn't happy about touching rails! He finished the day in 1st place. He then went onto finish on clear XC jumping (0.8 TF) and take the win in the CNC 1*.

Dunrobin Gancanagh also put in a strong test in the Pre-Novice to sit in 1st coming into SJ where he jumped a fantastic clear.. a very scopey jumping round at that! However due to a few time faults picked up because I chose to take the long routes to school/educate his balance, he was dropped into 2nd place. He then jumped a superb clear XC (0.4 TF) to also take the win in the CNC105.

Thank you so much to the sponsors of the CNC 1* class, Pegasus Bay Feeds. It is greatly appreciated as we just wouldn't be able to run these days without you.

PS the Lucerne Chaff looks incredible!

Also a much appreciated thank you to the sponsors of the CNC105 class, Daniel Chima from Burger Fuel and Kylie Ebbet from Equissage. We just wouldn't have the opportunities to pursue our sport the way we have today if it wasn't for your continued support.

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