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14th - 16th April 2017

South Island National 3 Day Event

Well what a weekend that was!

There was total commitment shown from all having to hold their own through the rather wet weather from the cyclone!
Dressage arenas quickly became swimming pools and yards non existent.. And I found out that none of my jackets were actually waterproof..

Right from day one all focus was put into keeping everything dry, as 4 days stuck in a soggy truck is not ideal!

The horses worked well and settled for the night preparing for the worst of the weather which happened to be coming for Dressage day.

Trot up for most classes had to be cancelled and the FEI classes were left wading through water to get to the officials.

By Hoki passed with flying colours and was left to prepair for the days antics.

Both horse performed brilliantly throughout the weekend and I couldn't be happier with the either of them.

Dunrobin Sierra Saffron having plenty of firsts this weekend as being her first time staying away and first event.
After swimming through the dressage arena to produce a lovely test never faltering with all the atmosphere and jumping everything with ease for a double clear, She held her position to take the win of the 2017 SI FEI 3DE Melwood Equestrian & Pegasus Feeds CCN80.
I am super impressed with this mare, she tries so hard and never falters.
To think how far she has come from that lanky, mischievous, orange foal to a competitive horse with many more exciting years ahead.
I will truly miss having this one around but someone is going to very, very lucky!

By Hoki got the worst of the weather, sideways rain and possible sleet? however he never missed a beat and produced one of his best tests this year.
After starting a blinder of a XC round, jumping everything with ease and pinging off the ground, enjoying every second of it, he pulled a shoe about half way (faltered a little mid gallop but didn't notice the shoe missing) which he started to feel towards the end resulting in a miss step.
Once the shoe was put back on he was keen as anything, worked beautifully in the morning and passed the trot up easily. However with the change in SJ arenas from grass to sand (due to the excessive rain fall), the harder ground made tougher going for him which unfortunately put him off.
It is extremely unfortunate as he had been travelling into this weekend feeling absolutely top notch and focused.
Even the FEI officials were impressed how he was looking.

But there will always be another day and once he has had a much needed rest, we will have a sights set on the next season.

A huge thanks to all who made this weekend possible. It wasn't the easiest of days with so many uncontrollable factors taking over, however against all odds it remained a fantastically run event with many great people.
Thanks to all sponsors especially Melwood Equestrian & Pegasus Feeds who sponsored the CCN80
and Dunstan Feeds for the sponsorship of the CCI 2*.

These days would not be possible without the support.


Video Footage:

By Hoki

Dunrobin Sierra Saffron

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