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We offer affordable and reliable services where all horses are guaranteed the best care and education possible.


Services include:

  • 1 complimentary PEMF treatment and 20% off any future treatments.

  • Kinesiology Taping to assist and enhance performance and help with potential weakness and soreness.


Offer is whilst the horse/pony is staying on the property, in our care.



We are happy to take on horses and ponies of all sizes for schooling whether it be for:

  • Conditioning/fitness

  • Continued Education

  • Behaviour Issues

  • Re-Education of racehorses/young or green horses and ponies

  • The education of young or green horses on the flat and over jumps.

  • Or anything else that you may be needing help with.

We are happy to work around your needs and can offer schooling sessions at your property depending on time/distance. 

Rate: $50 per session or $250 per week

Plus $40 per week to cover hay/grazing



We are happy to take on horses and ponies of all sizes and ages for starting.

The first handling and starting sessions I believe are the most important stages in the horse's life. This is the foundation to all continued education.

We are wanting them to leave here with the basic foundations for making their continued education in whichever discipline is chosen, is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We take all the time that is needed for each individual horse to enable them to confidently succeed in their training, leaving here with the right tools in their toolbox to happily continue in their education.

A good halt, Walk, trot and canter becoming established, basic lateral movements starting, starting to jump over poles and small fences depending on the horse/pony and the age.


Rate: $300 per week

Plus $40 per week to cover hay/grazing

Usually taking between 4-6 weeks however every horse is different.

Sale on Behalf


We are happy to take on all types of horses and ponies.

What is included:

  • Sale prep

  • Photos and videos for sale purposes

  • Advertising

  • Time and organisation of viewings and enquiries

  • Continued schooling


Our experience in photography, show prep and presentation means that your horse/pony will be advertised to a high standard.


It is an easy and stress free way to have your horse/pony sold, and knowing that all will be done to find the best home possible.


Rate: $200 per week

Plus $40 per week to cover hay/grazing

And a 10% Commission from the sale



We are happy to give lessons either here or at a chosen facility.

All ages and experience levels are welcome.

My aim is: to see the rider gain new skills and improve personal development.

To challenge and help individuals to change limited beliefs.

Help improve communication between horse/pony and rider.

  • Flatwork/Dressage and arena craft​

  • Jump education including SJ & Cross county

  • Organize training activities and programs for both Horse/pony and rider

Rate: $40 per 45 min Private

          $35pp 1Hr 2 people

          $30pp 1 1/2 Hr 3+ people

Travel and ground fees not included in prices

PEMF Blanket Therapy Treatments


We are available to give full body PEMF Treatments.
Our system covers from head to toe using not only the Blanket system, but Neck, Front and Back Boots and Stifle coils to ensure your horse/pony receives the best care possible.

The natural Healing of PEMF is a Safe, effective and affordable service to provide:


  • Pain Relief

  • Accelerated Healing

  • Conditioning & Strengthening

  • Improved Mobility

  • Reduced Inflammation


Rate: $65 per 30 minute session


Group Discounts available for 3+ treatments

Travel fees not included in prices

Kinesiology Taping - Equi Taping


We are available to give Kinesiology Taping Treatments for many different types of therapeutic and physical assistance.

  • Decrease muscle spasms

  • Reduce inflammation and associated pain

  • Reduce swelling and edema

  • Re-educate muscle memory

  • Support ligaments, tendons and joints

  • Prevent injury and speed recovery

  • Help with injury rehabilitation

  • Increase circulation and promote healing

  • Increase equine athletic potential

Rate: $55 per larger body or extensive taping

        $40 per basic taping

Travel fees not included in prices

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