We are lucky and excited to have such stunning and talented horses coming through for the future.
Ranging in ages and experience levels, some new to the sport horse life and others that have been with us for multiple seasons.

Some of the horses below might be available to the right homes, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions.



By Hoki aka Jack

16.1hh 2006 Liver Chestnut Gelding

Breed: TB​                            

Place of Birth: NZ    

Race Name: Templar

Sire: Daggers Drawn            Dam: I'm Peggy    

By: Diesis                              By: Grosvenor 

Out of: Sun and Shade         Out of: joint Decision    

2*/3* Eventer

1.30m SJ

Level 4 Dressage                                            

Dunrobin Gancanagh aka Eddie
16.3hh 2009 Dark Bay WB/TB Gelding

Breed: WB/TB                       

Place of Birth: NZ     

Sire: Kinnordy Gym Bello      Dam: Cindy   

By: Gymnastik Star                By: Columbia 

Out of: Gabriela            

1* Eventer

Amature Rider SJ

Level 3 Dressage  

Corozana aka Little Ears

17hh 2012 Bay Mare

Breed: WB/TB​                               

Place of Birth: Rangiora NZ

Owner: Snellex Family    

Sire: Corofino II                   Dam: Ansana AS 

By: Corrado I                       By:  

Out of: Valeska IV               Out of: 

Competed to 1.10m

Evented to CNC80

Reason To Believe aka Jali

16.1hh 2010 Bay Gelding

Breed: WB/TB​                               

Place of Birth: Christchurch NZ   

Sire: Ramirez                      Dam: Zara XX

By: Ramiro Z                       By: The Jogger XX  

Out of: Riletta                      Out of: Swell Reason XX

Competed to 1m

Evented to CNC80

Level 1 Dressage

Dunrobin Sadie

16hh 2012 Bay Mare

Breed: TB​                               

Place of Birth: NZ  

Racing Name: Sosecret  

Sire: Sakhee's Secret         Dam: Sosweetsofine 

By: Sakhee                         By: Grosvenor  

Out of: Palace Street          Out of: Human Touch                                                    (Deputy Governor Line) 

Left the track March 2017

Dunrobin Kevlar

15.3/16hh 2010 Grey Mare

Breed: Anglo Arab X​                               

Place of Birth: Dunrobin Stud NZ    

Sire: Dunrobin Winchester   Dam: Chandalla Lace'n' By: Dunrobin Amarillo                          Fineness

Out of: Dunrobin Holly          By: Naaddel OX

                 El Sadir                Out of: Tizarnee XX


Dunrobin Rusty

16.1hh 2012 Chestnut Gelding

Breed: WB/TB​                               

Place of Birth: NZ 

Sire: Kinnordy Gym Bello  Dam: Te Peka Gondolette 

By: Gymnastik Star            By: Genius

Out of: Gabriela                 Out of: Calender Girl XX

Dunrobin Rhapsody

16.3hh 2009 Bay Mare

Breed: WB/Ango Arab X​                               

Place of Birth: Dunrobin Stud NZ 

Sire: Chandalla Wurlitzer    Dam: Dunrobin Holly

                                                        El Sadir 

By: Wolkentanz ii                 By: Simeon Sadir + AU  

Out of: Weltmeyer                Out of: Virginia Privateer

Dunrobin Amarillo

15/15.1hh 2002 Palomino Gelding

Breed: QH/TB/WB           

Place of Birth: Dunrobin Stud NZ


Sire: Blue Ice Chinook          Dam: Chandalla Sissy

By: Blackford Chinook           By:

Out of: Plainsview Sheyene  Out of:                                                 



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