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18th June 2017

NLEC Winter Dressage Series Final

A little late but it was fantastic to get this big boy back out competing at the recent NLEC Winter Dressage Final!

He has been recovering from his injury that he sustained back at the start of March when he caught 

his back legs in a fence whist travelling to HOY.
I couldn't have asked for anything more from him, scoring some great marks and keeping his call even with having so long off.

Dunrobin Gancangh came back with a 1st and 3rd in his Level 2 tests

By Hoki 2nd and 3rd in his Level 3 tests.

Thank you to the wonderful team and volunteers at NLEC, I always look forwards to these wonderfully run days 








Just to show you how far Eddie's leg has come in such a short time.

After being cut down to the bone by wire (luckily missing anything vital/important), and the Vet saying it would most likely be 6-9 months before it would be healed over enough to start work due to the position of the injury and difficulty to treat.
To make matters worse he had to make the long trip back from the North Island to Waipara

Just after 13 weeks it was healed well enough to start light work and now at 15 weeks it is just a small mark. The wound has almost completely disappeared and he has just competed in his first competition, bringing home a 1st & 3rd.

Even though Eddie has been one of the worst patients.. chewing, kicking and pulling any ba

ndage off (even entire rolls of Elastoplast failed to stand up to the fiend), was replaced almost everyday (which is not conducive to healing) also he does't like being being boxed/yarded. Then to add to this, constant hooning and pacing in his paddock even if he has a buddy, who is usually asleep.. The wound has healed up nicely and will hopefully only leave a slight scar which should fade over time.

I have to say if it wasn't for Natural Manuka Honey, the wonderful laser therapy from Zoominals and PEMF Treatments, we may have still been looking at the full 6-9 months!
These treatments still amaze me at how well they work with some very difficult cases.
Pain and drug free treatments that:
Accelerate Bone & Wound Healing
Repair and Regenerate Damaged or Diseased Tissue
Condition & Strengthen
Improve Mobility
Reduce Inflammation
Enhance the Synthesis of Protein
Increase cellular level of Oxygen Absorption up to 200%

This is just another case to prove that these therapies work and work well.
An affordable and effective way to help your horse in both Training and Healing.

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