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15th January 2017

NLEC Summer Dressage Series Day 1

So the first dressage competition has been ticked off for 2017!
Day 1 of the North Loburn Equestrian Centre Summer Dressage Series was a fantastically run show with many strong combinations competing.

With 3 horses, 6 different tests to learn and a finger still in a cast.. finding a glove to fit was rather challenging.. I didn't make it easy for myself!.. especially in the heat that finally decided to show its self.
The boys performed well, producing some really great work and proving that they are ready to take on the rest of the season!

Dunrobin Winchester had his first dressage outing (first time in a dressage arena) and proved that he will certainly be a horse to watch over the coming years. Competing in level 1 he scored above 66% placing 4th and 6th against some very striking combinations.. even when the rider had a blank and missed a mark!

Dunrobin Gancanagh's first time back in an arena in at least 9 months and competing in his first dressage competition showed he had actually been paying attention in class! He gave me a great feeling and produced some fantastic movements scoring above 68% in his level 2 tests placing 3rd and 4th.
Still lots more strengthening work to be done for the big, young boy but he is continuously showing improvements.

By Hoki once again had his first time back in an arena in at least 9 months. He was understandably fresh but showed he too had been doing his homework!
Other than a wee slip up when he didn't take too kindly to the judge halting proceedings when the judge's tests were muddled, he settled into some great work and was keen to take on any questions asked of him.
Placing 2nd and 5th (may have missed a marker here too otherwise he would've won!) in his level 3 tests.

It was a fantastic day out and run by brilliant people.
Thank you so much North Loburn Equestrian Centre and all helpers/volunteers for a great day, I am sure to recommend this competition to many more.

Also a huge thank you to all the sponsors for the series, esspeically the Level 1 (Ungraded) and Level 2 & 3 (Graded) classes, Rangiora Equestrian Supplies and Richard Woerlee of Bayleys.
We wouldn't be able to have these day with out you!

Video Footage:

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