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19th March 2017

NEC Eventing Canterbury​ Horse Trials

What a great run this past weekend was at Eventing Canterbury Horse Trail held at NEC Christchurch!
The grounds were fantastic and the weather near perfect, what more could you ask for??

Was a little odd leaving the big boy at home and only having the one horse competing.
By Hoki was feeling top notch.. maybe a little too good for dressage.. however pulled out the stops to jump fantastically around XC and SJ to finish up 3rd in the CNC1*.
Couldn't ask for more from him after almost an entire year away from Eventing!!

It is an absolutely great feeling to have this guy out again. It has been a rather long few months dealing with all the issues that horses love to bring up, but that is part of the game!

Once again I can't thank Sara Bagheri from Zoominals enough for getting this boy feeling top notch.
and also the great team from Equimania for getting the team sorted for the coming seasons in all the beautiful gear.

The BUA Saddle has truly made such an outstanding difference in the way the horses work.
No more tired or sore backs. Free movement and elasticity throughout every stride. And amazingly, always a 100% even fit on every horse under every circumstance.
This saddle is a MUST in your tack room. with a modular design, Dynamic cantilevered tree and Adjustable Suspension, you will only be needing ONE saddle in your yard.

I know By Hoki has never been happier or more sound throughout his muscles.

Next stop for eventing, South Island 3DE.
Can't wait to see you all there!

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