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25th - 26th February 2017

NEC Eventing Canterbury 2 Day Horse Trials

Another brilliant day run by the fantastic team of Eventing Canterbury and all their volunteers.

It was another up and down weekend with more blue!
With this being both Dunrobin Gancanagh and By Hoki's first eventing start in almost a year, they were both in for a quiet and steady ride and I couldn't have been happier with what they produced.

Due to By Hoki still not feeling on the point after their incident with the float just last week, I was just going into Saturday asking him to produce a quiet ride which he beautifully answered in the 1*. Being very rideable and giving me a lovely, steady dressage test sitting 0.3 behind the leader.
After having two rails down in SJ he was latter scratched from continuing on Sunday as it was not necessary to ask more from him after he gave me a fabulous ride given the circumstances. There will always be another day.

Dunrobin Gancanagh was also a star in the Pre-Novice producing a more relaxed and focused dressage test to sit just behind the leader (Muppet rider had a blank which resulted in a penalty dropping us from the red).
Having just one green moment where he got a little distracted in SJ to have one rail but jumped the rest of the round beautifully and clearing it with ease. Also With the completion of a steady XC round on the Sunday, listening to all ques and staying 100% focused.. even finishing the round hardly breaking a sweat, this meant that he has completed his first ever Pre-Novice event and done it with complete ease!
Excited to see what the end of the season brings for this chap.

Thanks so much to all involved in this great day, is much appreciated.
It was fantastic to catch up with everyone and see where you are all heading.. seems that a lot has changed in the year gone by!

Both horses were feeling as good as they could've been after their incident all thanks to the fantastic Sara Bagheri from Zoominals who made a late night call in to ensure both horses were heading the right direction for recovery.
Definitely wouldn't have gotten either horse where they are now without the brilliant work she does.


Video Footage:

By Hoki

Durnobin Gancanagh

Gorgeous photos are courtesy of Deborah Smith Photography.

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