16/16.1hh 2007 Buckskin Gelding

Breed: Anglo Arab X​                                      Place of Birth: Dunrobin Stud NZ 

Sire: Dunrobin Amarillo                                  Dam: Dunrobin Holly El Sadir                   By: Blue Ice Chinook                                      By: Simeon Sadir + AU  

Out of: Chandalla Sissy                                 Out of: Virginia Privateer                               

Winchester has been professionally educated from day one and bought along slowly, consolidating the basics. He was late started due to no fault of his own


His temperament is impeccable; a true gentleman and a bit of a teddy bear who just loves the attention. 
He can be slightly suspicious/spooky of new things but is easily worked through.

He is fantastic to work off the property and just the same at a show.
Winchester has always been a loved favourite in the yard and it will be hard to see him move on.

He has SJ schooled to 1.25m and 1.40m at end of lines and schooled over PreNovice XC fences.
He is currently competing to 1m SJ and Eventing at CNC80
Winchester is a careful jumper with plenty of scope and tight knees. 
He has always impressed with his tidy technique and athletic jump, which sees him get out of any tricky spot. 

Winchester has shown exceptional promise in his Dressage, scoring some great marks. 
He continuously receives wonderful comments on his natural movement and presence. 
Basic lateral movements and extension becoming established.


Winchester has also Hunted in the Field of Brackenfield Hunt, where he was a fantastic ride.
Jumping over the spars easily and cleanly, and was also happy to both run with the group or walk/trot on a loose rein at the back.


He is fantastic to ride with and without others where he is great to lead multiple young horses off of.

Thoroughly enjoys hacking in and around the river.


  • NLEC Spring Dressage Level 1 Series Championship 4th 2018

  • NLEC Spring Dressage 1st 1D 2018

  • NLEC Spring Dressage 2nd 1C 2018

  • Amberley A&P 1m 4th 2018

  • SI 3DE CCN80 4th Overall 2018

  • ESNZ 2DE CNC80 6th Dressage 2018

  • Springston PC ODE CNC80 6th Dressage with 73.16% 2018

  • North Loburn Dressage 3rd Level 1 2017

  • North Loburn Dressage 4th Level 1 2017

  • PGG SJ Circuit Hawarden 80cm 2nd 2015

  • PGG SJ Circuit Hawarden 90cm 3rd 2015

  • PGG SJ Circuit Amberley 70cm 1st 2014

  • PGG SJ Circuit Hawarden 80cm 2nd 2014


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