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Puhinui Three Day Event NZ
  • By Hoki - 6th Auckland Council CCI2*
6th-9th Dec
ESNZ Wellington Event NZ
  • By Hoki - 2nd Woodlea Contracting CNC2​*
2nd Dec
Twilight Eventing NEC CHCH NZ
  • Dunrobin Winchester - 4th 95cm
  • Lima Lass - 8th 95cm
27th Nov
18th Nov
NLEC Spring Dressage Series Final NZ
  • By Hoki - 2nd 5C, 1st 5D & 4th overall in the Richard Woerlee Harcourts Graded Level Four Championship
  • Dunrobin Winchester- 2nd 1C & 1st 1D & 5th overall in the Rangiora Equestrian Supplies Level One Championship
  • Reason to Believe - 4th 1C & 6th 1D
Amberley PC Sj Day NZ
  • Corozana - 4th 1.10m
  • Reason to Believe - Clear 90cm
  • Lima Lass - Clear 80cm & 90cm
28th Oct
27th Oct
Amberley A&P NZ
  • By Hoki - 1st Arthur Burke LTD 1.20m and received the Soloman Challenge Trophy
  • Dunrobin Winchester - 4th 90cm & Clear 1m
12th-14th Oct
South Island Three Day Event NZ
  • By Hoki - 2nd Ultimate Design and Renovation CCI2* Championship
  • Dunrobin Winchester - 4th Happy Hire CNC80 Championship
29th July
Springston PC ODE NZ
  • By Hoki - 3rd Dressage 1.10m
  • Dunrobin Gancanagh - 2nd Dressage 1.10m
  • Dunrobin Winchester - 73.16% Dressage CNC80
21st-22nd May
FEI South Island One Day Event Championship
  • By Hoki - 2nd  CIC2** & 3*-105 MITAVITE COOL CRUSADA SERIES winner
  • Dunrobin Gancanagh - 6th CIC1*
  • Reason to Believe - 70% Dressage Clear SJ CNC80
  • Corozana - Double clear CNC80
18th March
Eventing Canterbury ODE NZ
  • By Hoki - 2nd Ultimate Design & Renovation CNC 2*
  • Dunrobin Gancanagh - 4th Weatherbeeta CIC1*
24th-25th Feb
Eventing Canterbury 2DE NZ
  • By Hoki - 1st Weatherbeeta CNC1* and receiving the Randwick Trophy
17th-17th Feb
Canterbury SJ Champs NZ
  • By Hoki - Clear 1.20m
  • Dunrobin Gancanagh - Clear 1.15m
  • Corozana - 1st 1m
  • Dunrobin Midnight Oil - 1st 90/1m
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